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Building - A Job for Professionals

For private individuals, businesses and public authorities, property is the single most important asset. Buildings typically account for a significant percentage of the total value of companies, whilst most people's major possession is their home.

When commissioning a new building, extending an older one, or planning repairs or maintenance, the choice of the builder is therefore critical. As the client, you need - and have the right - to be sure that the work, when completed, will represent a good investment and value for money.

Making the right choice
In the past, the problem has always been to choose a builder upon whom you can rely. Our Director David Wilson is a Chartered Builder experienced in all aspects of the building process bound by a Code of Professional Conduct. This commits us to a quality of service, integrity of conduct and an overriding concern for your best interests at all times.

As a client, you can therefore expect:

  • Professionalism throughout, from initial enquiry to the satisfactory completion of the work
  • Quality of work and attention to detail
  • Speed efficiency and minimum disruption
  • Value for money
  • Trained and competent people working for you
  • Compliance with statutory codes and good building practice
  • Problems that might arise will be dealt with promptly, courteously and efficiently

One stop shop for all your Building Solutions

We were responsible for the new build
of Helensburgh Sailing Club.